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    • 13 Jan 2022
    • 12 Jan 2024

    Heart of Georgia Beekeepers Association (HOGBA)

    We are a local organization that provides support and education to beekeepers and those interested in bees or becoming a beekeeper. We do this by holding monthly meetings that consist of guest speakers on current beekeeping topics, teaching a beekeeping 101 class, offering a mentorship program, offering discounted bulk prices on nucs, advertising our members honey and beekeeping products on our website and creating a list of beekeepers who can remove swarms.

    HOGBA was established in 2008 in Perry, GA with only 6 members. Today, we have members from all over the middle Georgia area and reach thousands of people through our website and Facebook page. We meet the third Tuesday of the month at the Argene Claxton Canning Plant located at 1701 Houston Lake Road, Perry, GA 31069. The mentoring program begins at 6:30 PM with the regular meeting at 7:00 PM. Our website is

    If you are not already a member of GBA, you have the option to join when you sign up for your HOGBA membership. This gives you the support of two clubs, ensuring that you have access to valuable beekeeping information – both locally and state-wide.

    • 21 Jan 2022
    • 31 Dec 2022

    Tara Beekeepers

    Since our founding in the early 1980s, the Tara Beekeepers Association fosters opportunities that help build skills, appreciation and understanding of the fundamentals associated with beekeeping.

    Like the honey bee, we know there is great value in harnessing the collective wisdom and skills of our members. We aim to cultivate the social aspects of beekeeping and invite you to share in that with us.

    Our monthly meetings are held virtually (through Zoom), on the third Monday of each month. When it is safe to meet in person again, we will look forward to resuming our meetings in Forest Park.

    If you are not already a member of GBA, you have the option to join when you sign up for your Tara Beekeepers membership. This gives you the support of two clubs, ensuring that you have access to valuable beekeeping information—both locally and state-wide.

    • 25 Jan 2022
    • 4:00 PM
    • 31 Dec 2022

    JOIN Henry County Beekeepers

    The Henry County Beekeepers (HCB) is a non-profit club focused on providing education and skills development for new and seasoned beekeepers and for those with interests in sustaining honeybees.  A mainstay for our club is the sharing of beekeeping knowledge, skills, and experiences among our members.        

    Our regular club meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of each month. For the safety of our members and guests with the current effects of Covid our meetings are being conducted virtually through Zoom. As the effects of Covid subside our monthly meeting will resume again with in-person meetings at the Farm Bureau office in McDonough.

    Because HCB encourages family participation in beekeeping, especially for youth, our dues provide for family membership which includes spouses, partners, and children. 

    When you sign up for membership in Henry County Beekeepers you will also have an opportunity to join the Georgia Beekeepers Association. The GBA is a state-wide beekeeping organization providing valuable programs, meetings, and information to assist GBA members and local clubs with successful beekeeping.

    • 18 Feb 2022
    • 3:00 PM
    • 19 Feb 2022
    • 5:00 PM
    • Middle GA State University-Robert F. Hatcher, Sr. Conference 100 University Parkway Macon, GA 31206

    Join us at our GBA Spring Conference 2022 in Macon, Georgia!

    The conference will take place at Middle GA State University-Robert F. Hatcher, Sr. Conference 100 University Parkway Macon, GA 31206. This is our first all in person conference since 2018.

    GBA Spring Meeting is full of great speakers, fun beekeeping connections, and an informative dinner. Dr. Keith Delaplane,  Dr. Lewis Bartlett, and  Kent Williams,  a professional beekeeper from Kentucky, with more 1000 hives are our featured speakers. 

    Some of our regional speakers include Derrick Fowler, Sophia Price, Kat Tucker and Karen Palmer. Topics will appeal to experienced beekeepers as well as beginners. We will be offering topics to help bee clubs as well as expertise training for how to move into a honey business.

    Our spring meeting includes the Artisan Show with fourteen entry classes. Get out your camera, heat up your ovens, ply your needles! Enter mead, baked goods, photography, crafts, gadgets and many more categories. And the prize money is well worth it. Spring 2022 Honey Show Rules Here

    Do you have a small/large/any size bee business that you want to advertise? We have a lively auction to sell four coveted spots on the GBA web page. Bring your checkbook and plan to bid high and often! To see the current ads, click here. And to see the rules for bidding for a slot, click here. The bidding will be held at 10:45 on Saturday morning.

    The meeting starts on Friday with the GBA Board meeting. The GBA Board will meet at 5:00 PM in the main ballroom. Following the board meeting, we will have a reception followed by a special dinner event for all registrants who sign up for it. 

    Note in your registration that you have the choice to attend the special Friday dinner event as well as register for the Saturday meeting.

    As we did last spring, this year on Friday night, we will have a catered dinner and a talk from our own Steve Page. He will share his stories and ideas about his history with beekeeping.

    We will have a cash bar and reception which starts at 6:30. The dinner at 7 PM will be held at the college. Dinner will be catered and will include non-alcohol drinks and dessert.

    The cost of the dinner is $25 a person. We invite all of you to take advantage of this special opportunity to be with each other in person and to hear Steve speak. This is a prime opportunity to enjoy connecting with friends. 

    The general spring meeting will take place all day on Saturday, February 19, beginning with a talks by Kent Williams and Lewis Bartlett. Our regional speakers will include talks about working with propolis, making splits, and doing trap outs.

    Please register for the event, and be sure to check your lunch preference for the boxed lunch provided by GBA.

    • Registration for member is $55, including lunch. 
    • Registration for non-members is $70, including lunch.

    Note:  Join GBA now for the member price.  Beginning February 11, registration fees for everyone will be $70. 

    Reminder:  To enter the honey show, you must be a paid up GBA member by February 16. You also must be a paid registrant for this conference.

    Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirmation with GBA special motel room rates. 

    We are looking forward to a great meeting and to seeing all of you there!

    • 19 Feb 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
    • Middle Georgia State U.

    • 17 Feb 2023
    • 18 Feb 2023

    • 21 Sep 2023
    • 23 Sep 2023

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