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Beekeeping in Georgia

Georgia Bee Laws

The following documents contain Georgia's Bee Laws:

2-14-40 Georgia Bee Laws

Honey Labeling Exceptions
GA Dept of Agriculture Honey House Requirements

While the GBA strives to keep these files up to date, newer documents might have been published without our knowledge. Please be sure to visit the GA Department of Agriculture's website for the most current information.

Protecting GA Pollinators

The following documents contain information on Protecting GA Pollinators:

Mosquito Control and Beekeepers Fact Sheet
Protecting Georgia's Pollinators

How To Report Pesticide Kills

In order to get the legislation's attention, bee kills must be reported. If you find your bees dead in a huge pile in front of your hive, you have a bee kill. You can and should report your bee kills to both state and national agencies.

In Georgia, bee kills should be reported to the Georgia Department of Agriculture: Rachel Futch 404-656-9371. Her email is

On a federal level, report to the EPA by emailing If you want to learn more about reporting bee kills, check out the Honey Bee Health Coalition Quick Guide to Reporting a Bee Kill Incident.

The Pollinator Stewardship Council can be of great help in reporting bee kill incidences.

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