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I want to buy a SAVE THE HONEY BEE license plate from GBA

  • 24 Jun 2019
  • 06 Feb 2020
  • 10:24 AM
  • Online



The Georgia Beekeepers Association is proud to offer you the opportunity to purchase a SAVE THE HONEY BEE license plate for your vehicle. To buy a bee license plate:

  1. Click on the word REGISTER on the lower left 
  2. If you are a GBA member, click that category. If you are not a member, click nonmember - the price is the same for both
  3. Please fill out the registration form and pay the $25 manufacturing fee. 
  4. When you have done that, within a week, you will receive a receipt from the state of Georgia by email. The receipt comes as an attachment to a confirmation email. Your receipt number should look like this: L-xxxxxxx
  5. Take that receipt to your county license tag office 
  6.  At your county tag office you will pay the following fees: $35 for the specialty plate fee and
  7. If it is your birthday month, you'll pay your $20 annual registration fee.

You may buy a plate before your birthday. If you do that, you will not owe the $20 annual registration fee until your birthday month.

Multiple tag purchases: If you want to buy more than one tag, register the first car with your email and the name of the person on the title. Choose "add guest" for each additional car. When you register car #2, #3 or #4, each car can be registered under your email, but the name on each registration should be the name of the title holder of the car you are registering.

Please make sure that anyone you know who wants the SAVE THE HONEY BEE license plate purchases it through GBA. To create this license plate, GBA put up $25,000 to manufacture the first 1000 tags. We put up the $25,000 to make the tag immediately available. 

Your $25 payment goes to reimburse GBA for that investment. If you go to the county office directly, you will still have to pay the $25 manufacturing fee, but GBA will not get reimbursement for that $25. 

If you run into confusion at the county office, call this number: 855-406-5221. 

Since some of the counties seem untrained in how to enter your receipt into the system, take the above telephone number with you to the county license office.

That number will get you in touch with Georgia DRIVES who will have the right answers.

NOTE: Save the Honey Bee License plates are not available for commercial vehicles, motorcycles or handicapped tags. They are available for trucks.

Your tag number will be randomly assigned by the state of Georgia.

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